According to several recent studies, 75% of women believe that their lashes are inadequate (1), and 3 out of 4 women in the United States aged 18-65 are not satisfied with their eyelashes (2). These studies highlighted that the concern focuses primarly on three main features: fullness, length and color of the eyelashes. 90% of women that took part to the study declared that they would like to have fuller-looking lashes, 85% desired longer lashes, while 63% of them would prefer darker lashes (3).
This cosmetic concern derives from the symbolic value associated to longer, fuller eyelashes: they are a synonym of attractiveness and femininity in many cultures, and for centuries women have tried different remedies or techniques to improve and accentuate the appearance of their lashes (4). It is therefore not surprising how, even today, 7 in 10 women worldwide desire longer lashes (5) - as emerged from a 2015 study.
Currently, there are several solutions available on the market for women who want to achieve a more expressive look thanks to thicker, longer eyelashes. Mascara is an extremely popular option, especially among younger women: a survey on the frequency of use of mascara conducted among female respondents in the United Kingdom (2017) showed that 45% of women aged 18-29 uses it every day, compared to 20% of women aged 60 and over (6). Another common solution is to use fake lashes: since 2012, false eyelash sales have grown by 75% (7), and they were 2018´s most popular beauty trend (8) – confirming the growing interest in this product and multiplying the number of styles available. However, it is not a permanent alternative, and there is a risk for fake lashes to fall off throughout the day if not correctly applied. Among permanent solutions, lashes growth serums have become a more and more popular choice: their application contributes to improving the growth and length of the lashes, so that women can achieve a naturally expressive look.
Biomed has developed two 99% natural products to enhance the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows respectively. The special formula of Luscious Lashes contains the active ingredient XLash Peptide, a lipo-oligopeptide that gives the appearance of increasing the number of lashes in the phase of growth, as well as stimulating the production of keratin - a protein that allows the eyelashes to grow more. The effectiveness of the active ingredient XLash Peptide has been clinically tested: the results have shown a growth of +72% in the length and density of the lashes in 42 days, and a +66% improvement of the overall lashes density in 4 weeks (9).
Beautiful Brow has been designed for those who wish to achieve fuller eyebrows. This product contains the active ingredient Peptide Xbrow, that gives the appearance of increasing the number of hairs in the growth phase and of reducing the ones in the non-growth phase, contributing to obtaining fuller and more expressive brows. This clinically tested active ingredient Peptide XBrow demonstrated a 83% improvement in the appearance of the brows in 60 days in comparison to a placebo.
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