the Natural revolution
We have developed a brand that merges medical, natural and lifestyle:
Welcome to the Natural revolution

Our goal is to create trendy products supported by clinical trials. BIOMD products and ranges are available in pharmacies and cover the treatment of a varierty of specific skin issues, as well as the daily care of our skin.

BIOMD was launched to combine pharmacy-quality natural ingredients with a chic design to make natural skin care fashionable and reliable, so it´s easy to make a switch towards a healthier and responsible choice.
We promote the benefits of natural skincare and of a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and our children, while raising awareness on the ingredients contained in beauty products and on their possible implications on the health, so that people can make more informed choices.
We want people to know that there is in fact an alternative without compromises when it comes to the care of our skin - coming from nature, non tested on animals, and just as effective!

Our history
2010, Germany: BIOMD is founded and the first products are lauched
2013: BIOMD products are available in pharmacies all over Germany and distributed in the rest of Europe
2018: New products are launched to make BIOMD´s offer even more complete

chemical free cosmetics
Do you put chemicals on your face every day? ...with BIOMD you don´t have to!

BIOMD is a German based company experienced in the pharmacy channel. Our focus is on creating natural cosmeceuticals conceived by using the latest research & development breakthrough active ingredients, to provide visible results supported by clinical trials.

BIOMD products are developed to solve the biggest consumer pain points when it comes to skin care so they no longer have to apply non-natural, possibly harmful chemical products on their skin, without renouncing to a chic, trendy product.

What we do

Clinical trials
Dermatologically tested
Up to 100% natural
Also for sensitive skin

What we don't do

NO Parabens
NO Phenoxyethanol
NO mineral oil
NO animal testing

We embrace a more sustainable lifestyle that cares for our wellness and the environment. Our products contain active ingredients derived from the nature, whose effectiveness in treating common skin issues is proven through clinical trials. We offer pharmacy quality products with a stylish and sophisticated look, which are good and delicate on your skin.

Our products make you look good from the outside and feel good inside!

a pharmacy brand
A recognizable pharmacy-brand with a chic touch

BIOMD covers all aspects of skin-care, offering products that meet the dermatological and cosmetic needs of our customers. They are clinically and dermatologically tested, therefore suitable for sensitive skin.

Our Daily Essentials and Problem Specific products constitute a natural alternative to your daily skincare routine, and treat the most common skin problems thanks to high quality active ingredients whose efficacy has been clinically proven.

BIOMD ranges include complementary products providing targeted, thorough care that satisfies the needs of even the most demanding skin types. Our offer currently includes three ranges, whose products can be easily recognized thanks to a distictive symbol printed on the box:
•  Forget Your Age: Anti-aging range
•  First Aid: Dedicated to sensitive skin
•  Aqua Detox: Detox & hydratation range