Kaolin is a fine clay rich in natural beneficial properties that has a neutral pH, making it suitable for all skin types - particularly for sensitive skin. Its main component is mineral kaolinite, and its typical color can vary depending on the other minerals present in the mixture, varying from white to brown. Thanks to their mineral composition and natural properties, kaolin clay masks do not over-dry the skin after application and they contribute to achieving a natural glow by detoxifying, exfoliating and improving the blood circulation.

Here are some reasons why including a weekly kaolin clay mask into your weekly skin care routine:

1) Detoxifies and cleanses the skin from impurities

The deep cleansing and detoxifying effect of kaolin clay contributes to removing impurities, dirt, germs and pollutants from the surface of the skin and the pores, thus preventing clogging and breakouts.

2) Exfoliates and improves blood circulation

It promotes the renewal process of skin cells by gently removing dead cells and impurities from the surface thanks to its mild abrasive properties, while at the same boosting the circulation - so the skin looks healthier and fresh after applying a kaolin mask.

3) Treats acne and unclogs pores

The absorbency of kaolin clay makes it a great ingredient to fight zits, eliminate blackheads, as well as to cleanse and refine the pores. As it has natural soothing properties, it can reduce the redness and prevent irritations typical of uneven skin.

4) Compatible with sensitive and irritated skin

It soothes irritated skin, redness and bug bites thanks to its healing properties. Its neutral pH and gentle composition make it perfect for sensitive and easily irritable skins, protecting it from possible irritations, rashes and breakouts.

5) Regulates and absorbs excess oil

Kaolin has absorbing properties that eliminate excess oil from the skin and applying kaolin masks on a regular basis contributes to balance the production of sebum.