we are natural

Natural products

With Biomed you can enjoy a naturally glowing, healthy skin while choosing a safer alternative to chemical skin care and  respecting the nature!

Active ingredients inspired by the nature

Most of our products are Vegan and do not contain animal-derived ingredients. The active ingredients that we use are inspired by the nature and come from fruits and plants, which are not only good for us but also for our skin. Our formulations are up to 100% natural, and in our products you can find ingredients such as shea butter, argan oil, avocado oil, fruit acids, extracts of the brown seaweed (Laminara Digitata) and several other botanical extracts.

Safer products, better health

We are exposed to almost 500 toxic chemicals daily and the average woman absorbs up to 2 kg of it in a year just from skin care and cosmetics. These chemicals can cause skin allergies and irritations, while their long-term effect is linked to diseases and complications for the children in pregnant women.
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Making sure that the products that get applied on the skin are as clean and natural as possible diminishes the exposition of the body to harmful chemicals and reduces the absorbed quantity. Switching to natural products is a choice that can benefit your health and the environment!

We want to ensure that the transition from synthetic to natural is
hurdle free. As a natural cosmeceutical brand we do not compromise on:

- Performance: our products are fully supported by clinical trials
- Appearance: we are a lifestyle brand