proven efficacy

Clinical trials

Did you know that behind every Biomed product there are several clinical and dermatological tests, to ensure you the best quality and efficacy?

Our goal is to create chic, natural skincare products that provide visible results and are fully supported by clinical trials. All of our products are delicate and safe on the skin thanks to their natural formulations, tested for efficacy and compatibility with sensitive skin.

We believe in transparency: the results of the tests are reported on the box and they speak for themselves!

Only a small percentage of the chemicals that are currently used in the cosmetic industry have been tested for their impact on the body, but it is proven that they are absorbed by the skin and directly impact our health and hormonal balance.
...This is why it is extremely important to rely on tested, safe skin care!
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Biomed products are cruelty free: we DO NOT test our ingredients nor products on animals.

Our customers want...
- pure ingredients
- latest technology
- aesthetically pleasing products

What they get with Biomed:
- natural products
- results based on clinical trials
- a chic and modern brand