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Biomed is a Dermocosmetic brand that you can trust!

Our philosophy is to merge medical and lifestyle: our products are effective, contain the best active ingredients, and they also feel and look stylish.

What are dermocosmetics?

Biomed is a dermocosmetic skin care brand, meaning that our products combine a dermatological action with a cosmetic one to acheive healthy and beautiful skin. Our formulations are developed by experts and include the latest breakthough active ingredients available on the market.
The active ingredients used in dermocosmetic products are high-quality, and their concentration is higher than in OTC products. These products are specially formulated to have a better deliverability into the skin, and their efficacy and compatibility with sensitive skin are clinically and dermatologically tested.
Biomed has clinical trials supporting every product, to guarantee efficacy, quality and trust to its customers. Biomed is sold in pharmacies all over Germany, where we are the leading medical/natural skin care brand.

Are these products right for me?

All our products are dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin. To meet the specific needs of our customers, we have developed products that provide targeted care to the most common skin issues.
Our Problem Specific range includes products dedicated to the treatment of problems such as rosacea, capillaries, dark skin spots, but also under-eye bags and ingrown hairs. Our anti-aging range „Forget Your Age“ takes care of aging skin, while the „Aqua Detox“ range is designed to deeply moisturize and purify from the toxins that accumulate on the skin surface throughout the day. The „First Aid“ range is hypoallergenic and contains aloe vera, specifically recommended to treat redness, burning and tight skin.

You can get visible results without renouncing to chic products...With Biomed your beauty care routine can make you look great and be good for the health of your skin, too!